Safeguard® Oxy Powder High Power Stain Remover 16oz.

$8.99 $4.99

Now you can use the power of oxygen to remove tough odors as well as stains.

Put Safeguard® OXY Powder to work on all your dirty, dingy, stinky laundry. It’s specially formulated for use on smelly socks, musty towels, work and uniform smells, sweat stains and body odor.

  • Uses the power of oxygen to get out tough stains and odors

  • Quickly removes difficult stains such as mould, fruit juice, coffee & tea 

  • Color safe

  • Extremely versatile, also suitable for removing stains on kitchen worktops, chopping boards, floors, tiles, paving stones, grout, plastic garden furniture, rubbish bins & even animal baskets & cages
  • Supplied in a convenient tub with scooper

  • Chlorine free

*Pre-soak for best results on tough stains and odors and add it to your wash for overall freshening and stain removal!