Superguard® Self Polishing Floor Wax 128 fl. oz.

$89.99 $59.89

Superguard® Self Polishing Wax hasn't changed it's top-of-the-line formulation since it's inception over 40 years ago! This product is excellent for use on ALL FLOORS: vinyl, rubber, cork, asphalt, sealed concrete, linoleum, hardwood, etc. Superguard® Self Polishing Wax gives you a professional grade floor finish; it's premium non-yellowing formula allows for a durable, high-gloss shine even as it prevents scuff marks. Superguard® Self Polishing Wax is perfect for high traffic environments and works on multiple floor types.

  • "Guaranteed Best Wax Money Can Buy At Any Price Or Your Money Back"
  • Prevents scuff marks on floors in high traffic areas
  • Leaves floors shining like new and requires little maintenance
  • Safe floor polish for most commercial and residential flooring
  • Doesn't require maintenance
  • Resists scuffs and heel marks
  • Prevents slips
  • Dries in just 20 minutes
  • Designed for use with a rayon mop (sold separately)