Superguard® Clear Ammonia 1/2 Gal. (64 fl. oz.)

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Superguard® Concentrated
Clear Ammonia provides rapid and effective penetration and removal of light grime, oils and soils. Effectively destroys and controls offensive odors. Excellent as a daily maintenance cleaner and deodorizer. Superguard® Clear Ammonia is a multipurpose, deep cleaning solution that helps you get more done with less. It's a highly effective product that cuts through filmy residue and grime almost on contact. It's tough enough to do the job on all kinds of washable surfaces. May be used in a variety of dilutions to clean most water washable surfaces and other washable items. Ideal for floors, walls, and foodservice areas in and around kitchens, washrooms, locker rooms, and trash areas and most other areas with an unpleasant odor problem.