Black Jack® Bed Bug Daily Monitoring System 5-Pack

$12.99 $7.99

Black Bed bugs Detection System

Catchmaster BDS is an ALL-NEW, AFFORDABLE early detection system for bed bugs created by the masters in trapping, Catchmaster! The Catchmaster Bed bug detection System is a passive detection device designed for monitoring bed bugs throughout your home. The Catchmaster BDS recreates the conditions that bedbugs consider perfect including dark, tight tunneling areas and rough woodsy material. Bed bugs would usually be found: inside the small grooves of corrugated boxes, between mattress creases and aound/under wooden furniture. After many months of testing, CatchMaster has released a trap that mimics these patterns perfectly. If any bedbugs are nearby, they are drawn to the bedbug detection system and get trapped in its patented dot-matrix adhesive. This great bedbug trap can be used almost any places that there are people including:

  • apartments
  • hotels/motels
  • care facilities / hospitals
  • offices
  • schools / daycares/ dormitories
  • restaurants
  • public transportation
  • storage locations

This excellent bedbug monitor should be a key part in your bed bugs inspection, and prevention strategies! Compare this to other bedbug stations/monitors/etc that cost several hundred dollars!